Hydro® AccuDose™ Five Product Dispenser w/E-Gap

Hydro® AccuDose™ Five Product Dispenser w/E-Gap

Item # 51520

  • Economical way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets or other container at the touch of a button.
  • (1) 1 GPM & (1) 3.5 GPM
  • Dilution: 128:1 max; 3:1 min./350:1 max; 3.5:1 min.
  • Four product low flow, 1 product high flow
Manufacturers Item #38761

Dilution is controlled by drawing chemical through metering tips of varying size and injecting this metered amount into the water flow.


AccuDose[TM] dispensers use durable materials and state of the art water valve technology to provide low costs, consistent performance, and reliable service in a wide variety of customer environments.

Uses fewer components to allow dispensing of many products. User simply turns a knob to select the product or dilution desired, then pushes the button to dispense ready to use solution. And since each standard button can be converted to lockability in t

Designed for building service and housekeeping applications and provides four products dispensed at low flow through a selector - great for filling spray bottles - plus a single product dispensed at high flow - perfect for floor care.

  • Provides better chemical performance. Consistently correct dilution ensures products perform as they were designed to.
  • Accurate dilution prevents excess chemical discharge into the waste water system.
  • Concentrating chemicals allows enormous reduction in packaging, minimizing additions to the solid waste stream.