Hydro® Nova DM-700 Sprite III w/3 Pumps

Hydro® Nova DM-700 Sprite III w/3 Pumps

Item # 51545

  • An institutional chemical dispensing system with auto voltage sensing that allows either 115 or 220 volts to be connected to the single power input leads.
  • Splashproof, IP-65 enclosure
  • Easy access, spring-loaded pumps
  • Factory pre-wired
Manufacturers Item #DM-730

Long-life, spring loaded peristaltic pumps, a Quik-Klip mounting bracket and simplified three button programming make it the most innovative chemical feed system on the market.


Allows either 115 or 220 VAC to be connected to the two power input leads. It's no longer necessary to connect a 115 volt source to one set of wires and a 200 volt source to another. The Sprite III senses the power you have connected to it and makes all

For safety and convenience the Sprite III is shipped pre-wired from the factory, making it unnecessary to open the enclosure during installation. A mains power and supply signal cable is provided so that technicians need only to make connections at the m

The Sprite III's enclosure meets rigid, IP 65 standards for splash-resistance. This high level of moisture resistance enhances the system's reliability even further by protecting the sensitive electronic components from the damaging effects of water or i

The peristaltic pump covers are held in place by a single, finger tightened thumb screw. This eliminates the need to use tools when changing the pump tubes. The thumb screws are "captive" in the cover which prevents them from being dropped or lost.

Installation is greatly simplified with the help of the Quik-Klip mounting bracket. A strong, "wedge shaped" bracket with built-in level indicator is included with every Sprite III. Attach the bracket to the wall with a single screw and then adjust it l

None of the Sprite III's programming functions can be accessed without first entering a three digit security passcode. This prevents unauthorized individuals from tampering with the programs.