IPC Eagle CT46 Scrubber - 20" Pad Driver, 145AH

IPC Eagle CT46 Scrubber - 20" Pad Driver, 145AH

Item # SP007221

  • Grants the highest drying performance because of it's three-stage vacuum motor and HD squeegee.
  • Solution running time: 50 min.; Recovery tank: 11/12 Gal.
  • Max running time: 180 min.; Vacuum power: 550W
  • Battery capacity (C5): 24V (2x12); Battery charger on board
20" Pad Driver, 145AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #CT46B50BCP-145

Adjustable handle and a long lasting battery make it the perfect machine to work in narrow spaces with high productivity. Eco Select permits a decrease energy consumption and increase running time of 20% in every day cleaning operations. Noise level is down to 2Db allowing cleaning operations even in sensitive areas. Brush motor consumption reduced by 20%. Suction motor consumption reduced by 20%. Reduced water consumption. Reduced brush wear. Reduced carbon brush consumption on motors. Operating system choice.


  • Removable tank. High density polyethylene tank. Metal chassis with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Brush motor with oil bath reduction gear box. Three-stage vacuum motor.
  • Yellow Touch Point.
  • Common components for family line.


  • Brush Pressure: da 35 a 55 lb.
  • Squeegee: Width: 28"; Shape: A "V"
  • Battery Life: DBL[TM] Double Battery Life
  • Handle: 180° foldable, click on-off.
  • Weight: 265 lb.