Tennant T300e Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20" Disk, Base Unit

Tennant T300e Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20" Disk, Base Unit

Item # SP009350

  • Easy to use with ergonomic design delivers foot activated squeegee to minimize bending and wider handle for improved machine operation.
  • Scrub motor: 24 VDC, 1 hp; Vacuum motor: 24 VDC, 0.5 hp
  • Brush/pad RPM: 230; Waterlift: 34.5"; System voltage: 24V
20" Disk, Base Unit, ea
Manufacturers Item #T300E-500-D

Improved squeegee design helps ensure dirt and soils are removed from the floor for reduces risk of slip-and-fall accidents, and yellow touch points simplifies preventative maintenance and training requirements. Durable components extend machine life and reduce cost of ownership. Effective scrubbing capabilities for clean, safe floors in fewer passes. Outstanding water pick-up for reduced slip and fall accidents. Includes pad drivers and both an English and French Operator manual.


  • Brush/Pad Pressure: 51 lbs.
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 11 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 14 Gal.
  • Weight: Without batteries: 230 lbs.
  • Sound Level: 67 dBA (operator's ear)