Tennant T260 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber - 20" Disk, 135AH AGM

Tennant T260 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber - 20" Disk, 135AH AGM

Item # SP00001

  • This scrubber was made for straight-forward and easy operation with the push button control for quick operation.
  • Estimated coverage/productivity: Up to 21,120 sq ft per hour
  • Estimated run time: Up to 3 hours; Power source: Battery
  • Main down pressure: UP to 45 lb.; Squeegee width: 30.4"
  • Recovery tank: 12 Gal.; Solution tank: 10.5 Gal.
  • Pad rpms: Up to 150 rpm
  • Battery: 135AH AGM; Off board charger
20" Disk, 135AH AGM, ea
Manufacturers Item #SCN800100E11

Get high visibility while maneuvering in small spaces with the compact size of the scrubber. Simple daily maintenance with a large recovery tank opening enabling full access and visibility. User friendly design allows for easy routine maintenance while minimizing downtime. Increase productivity with a maintenance-free sealed gel battery that has a 3-hour long battery life on a single charge.


  • Easily operate this small scrubber-dryer with simple controls.
  • Simplify operator training and daily preventative maintenance with yellow touch points.
  • Intuitive operation with push button Start-Stop control and battery meter display.
  • Easy to use brush/pad change out system.
  • Maximize water pickup and control water spray with floating splash guard controls.